Friday, September 4, 2009

Tomorrow I Would Like To...

...sleep in, walk to the local cafe and have a lovely breakfast & then pop into Knack Studios;

Pity it's on the other side of the world
Two out of Three Ain't Bad!
My Sporadic Surprise of the day: A new (and unknown - at least to me) furniture supplier had a small terracotta pot of flat leaf parsley delivered to me as a marketing device today... I think the concept is Italian Furniture = Italian Parsley?
It is a happy little and very welcome addition to my work area.


  1. What gorgeous pictures. There's so much stuff I like in these pictures, how cool is that orange buffet/hutch? Yay for free stuff, I used to get a lot of freebies back when I had a fancy job..not anymore. Now I'm on the other side...
    Your weekend sounds relaxing, enjoy x

  2. Here I was getting really excited because I thought that shop was in Adelaide! dammit. Do you reckon a shop like that would be successful in Adelaide?

  3. I know Cyma - that hutch is fantastic! I am actually thinking about going on a garage sale hunt today for a little old wooden turned leg table (lap top sized top, preferably with a little hidden drawer) which I would spray that exact colour... but I have a few too many other more boring (house work) things to do first! You have a great weekend too!!

  4. I think that it a shop like this would work in little old Ads Gabrielle! You should check out the shops on Elizabeth Street in Croydon or, if you're up for the drive, go to Little Bird in Port Elliot! I think you'd like them!


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