Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I have to tell you about my family friend Dudley Siviour! My family and I lived across the road from Dudley and his family for around 15 years. Quite a few years ago, Dudley stated making corrugated iron sculptures in the shed in his backyard. Dudley started teaching students to make the sculptures during his technology classes at a local high school and now he has started his own business called Corrugations. You can read more about Dudley and Corrugations here. Incidently, Dudley was MC at our wedding!

Anyway... you may have read (or seen) recently in the news that Australia's Governor-General Quentin Bryce presented two Kangaroos to the President of East Timor during the 10th anniversary celebrations of Timorese Independence - well they were Dudley's sculptures!!! So, Dudley's Kangaroos are now residing in the the Presidential Palace gardens!!!

Here's a few Kangaroos;

Here's the President, the Governor-General and the Corrugations Kangaroos on the 30th of August 2009;

And here are a few more of Dudley's fabulous sculptures;

Well done Dudley!
From Barrington Street to the Presidential Palace in East Timor!


  1. Wow, these sculptures are incredible. I'm in love with the pelican, and I could just imagine it in my little back garden (though unfortunately I don't think I have the $$ to purchase it) *sigh*. What a clever, creative person Dudley is! Lee :)

  2. Wow these are amazing, what a talented person.
    Thankyou for the link to the world map supplier, I had no clue where to find them.



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