Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ready for the weekend?

It's a beautiful spring day - 25 degrees already and it's not even 11am yet! Today will be spent preparing for the bodyshop at home party that my sister and I are throwing at my place tomorrow - there will be cupcakes and champagne {hence the cooking... we've got to make the cupcakes and purchase the champagne}
The party starts at 2:00pm tomorrow so I'm hoping to drop into the Rose Street Market in the morning before we begin setting up {it starts at 9am so there should be time; mainly to check out the cute shoes and to see whether clothcake would fit in there}

And tonight we'll cheer on our team the crows who are playing in an elimination final - "Carn the Crows!!!"


  1. Hope the Body Shop party goes well - cupcakes & champagne, what a wonderful combination!!

  2. Thanks Lee! I'm hoping the weather holds out for the day... at least cupcakes and champagne are perfect in any weather!

  3. How did the party go?? Sounds like so much fun!

  4. It went exceptionally well thank you. We had such a fantastic day! I hope you had a great one too!!!


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