Saturday, August 29, 2009

Today I became Aunty Diana...

My in laws (my husband's brother and his wife) welcomed their little daughter Georgia Bernice to the world this morning...
We will meet her later this afternoon hopefully.
For now I thought I 'd share what I am gifting to her on her arrival;

A series of four framed clothcakes her the nursery;

and a clothcake jumpsuit with a hot pink top.
It will be a little big at first, she can grow into it;
(sorry about the dark photo)

and a little organic hat.
You can see similar bits and pieces in my shop

Sporadic Surprise of the Day: {other than the arrival of said niece and the following is technically was last night's surprise.} Last night we went to depARTure at the Adelaide Art Gallery for the "Push-Pull" exhibition opening and I won two tickets to see "Journey to the West" at the Festival Theatre next month. I can't wait!!


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