Thursday, August 6, 2009

wine and pears - what a wonderful combination!

I have been following Tea for Joy for a while now - it is a most beautiful blog! Lynne has opened a little shop called papermash where she sells the below wine tags amongst a lot of other lovely stationery items.

This would both satisfy my love for letter pressed stationery and lovely paper stock. How perfect they would be to give to the members of my family who work in Wineries or my husband's vineyard owning, wine making family members {tongue in cheek of course cos if you don't know about the wine just pretend you do... yes it tastes like berries or oak or honey...}

On another note - I found glimpse of style's blog {via tea for joy} and Lee is a fellow pear collector!!! Look at this gorgeous pear sculpture she found from Willie Wildlife Sculptures. This would be the pe{a}rfect addition to my collection!
B = *Hint Hint*

...for the moment I have opted to at least get the price list sent to me...

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