Sunday, July 12, 2009


It is still so cold here!
I am thinking this hat and this scarf would come in very handy right now!

I missed out on posting yesterday... We were very busy! We caught up with friends for brunch then we were meant to help my sister move a tree in the garden but they'd already finished by the time we got there... so what else to do... we went up to the Adelaide Hills and went wine tasting at Nepenthe, cheese tasting in Stirling and apple purchasing in Woodside instead. Later, Caroline and I went to see Coco Avant Chanel (for Margaret and David's Review.) The evening consisted of Thai food, followed by a fantastic movie and glass of sav. blanc in the cinema and then mocha's at Cocolat - what a great evening! Audrey Tautou did not disappoint!

Look at the resemblance (Coco on the left, Audrey on the right.) Worth a look if you haven't seen it already!

Oh and have a look at Audrey in the latest Chanel No. 5 advertisement here...

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