Monday, June 29, 2009


I am always on the hunt for a good mobile.
It's become my signature baby shower gift (Lizard on the Fridge on Prospect Road for those Adelaidians is a good spot to start!) and seeing I've got a few showers to attend over the next few months I thought I'd have a bit of a hunt to see what's around... I found Flutter By by gentlearts. I can't express how beautiful I think these are! I also had the sporadic surprise of finding that gentlearts is from Melbourne! I love finding talented Aussies on Etsy.

Side Note: I think Mobiles are underrated - you just don't see them around often anymore. I had lots of fabulous mobiles when I was growing up (thanks Mum and Dad.) I can remember staring up at the glass fish and the felt shapes for hours on end. I now have a gorgeous ceiling with turn-of-the-century features and a ceiling fan to look up at although there is still space for a hanging sculpture I say... If you see a good one please let me know!

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