Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Gates

It was freeeeezing today! Lots of rain
and lots of wind!

I had to walk to appointments, arms full of drawings, samples, pens and rulers, armed only with a measly umbrella. When I got there my clothes were wet through and my hair was looking less than glamorous - I was completely dishevelled!

When I got back to my warm little desk I had received an email from a friend telling me that the wind was at minimum 58k/h! (The news reports it was faster than 100k/h.) Which got me thinking about the last time I remember hearing about how fast the wind was which was when I visited New York City the first time (Northern Hemisphere winter 2000/2001) and that reminded me of central park in snow which reminded me of the second time I visited NYC (Northern Hemisphere summer 2006) when I first saw a photographic exhibition featuring "The Gates." I can't remember who the photographer was but I clearly remember that the image looked similar to this...
I love the black, white and orange. I love the detail in the trees - the twig like branches! I would have loved to have seen this in real life; it would have been like walking through a black and white photo (just with fabulous patchwork orange flags.) Wonder what the wind is doing in NYC now? I should have bought a copy of that photo!

By the way: You can read more about the gates here on the artists' (Christo and Jeanne-Claude) website. The sporadic surprise? The artists don't use email!

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