Monday, January 4, 2010

It's lovely and warm here.
B is back at work but I have another week off!
No holidaying here though...
Today will be filled with the following tasks;
1. Tidying
2. Trying to find and organise the finishes for Dad's New Showroom
3. Reviewing the quotes for Dad's New Showroom
4. Planting the Iris and mini agapanthus bulbs that our neighbour across the road gave us whilst thinning out her plot
5. Filling out my diary for 2010!
6. If I finish that before picking B up post-work and then going to dinner with
his brother + wife + our little niece,
then I might just go back on line to have another look at this...

What are you doing today?


  1. Wow your days seems all well-planned. Off to check out the pouch :)

  2. Thanks Cyma... Currently I'm part way through number 5 (although, number 1 is still not quite done... one room is a mess - the door is shut!) ha ha

  3. Hey Diana, Thanks for your comment, I'm not sure where that wallpaper is from, will research it and let you know if I find out!


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