Sunday, October 25, 2009

White and Timber Credenzas

We're still planning our renovations.
In fact I really should be drawing up plans but instead I'm "researching palettes"
We will restore the oak floorboards and this will form one of the most prominent features
So it will be white, white, white, charcoal and bronze
I'm thinking any of these lovely credenzas would feel right at home...


  1. Such lovely choices, I'm also looking for one!

  2. 'Palettes' are so much more interesting than all that birdseye 'plan' stuff - who could blame you? Especially when you're off looking at credenza eye candy!

  3. Right you are Tania! Especially when you do it for a living!

    I noticed you're looking for a credenza on your blog Cyma - I think you should get an pre-loved one for a bargin and give it a good spray of yellow semi-gloss!

    Thanks for your comments!

    Diana xx


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