Friday, October 9, 2009

Bowerbird Bazaar

I've just arrived home from a really long week of work {which was actually short in terms of number of days due to Monday being a public holiday, anyway...} The weekend has officially begun however as my sister and I have just arrived home from attending the Bowerbird Bazaar Launch; I mentioned it here. It's the first one and I am counting down the days until the second. It was fantastic!

I bought cards {this one is my favourite of the pack I purchased}

She bought this
I bought that
She bought art {the exact pieces aren't featured on the website so when she gets them framed I'll photograph them and show you} and a necklace {which I can't find an online image of either...}

I bought three brooches {a zebrano timber eames classic chair, a beech squirrel and a blue little girl faced with vintage wallpaper} but I can't find them on line {so I will photograph them to show you later.}

I also loved this

and this

{actually I liked a slightly different version better -minus the sheep and plus additional buildings}
but they didn't come home with me {this time.}

Oh and I saw these in real life and they are truly beautiful!!!

If you're in Adelaide this weekend I really recommend you visit the Bazaar at the Queen's Theatre in the CBD.
Have a fabulous weekend!!!

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