Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Well, I'm a little sad...
The Adelaide Fringe, the Adelaide Festival and WOMADelaide have come and gone for another year {these festivals are my excuse for my lack of posts recently} What a busy March it has been!

Brett and I spent the last day of the Fringe at Amococo {well not the whole day but 2 hours waiting in line and 20 minutes inside.} What is Amococo? Read more here but essentially it's a giant balloon made from coloured and reflective "tent" material which is lit naturally completely by the sun that you can walk through / sit in / be amazed by...

{images by me}
It was AMAZING and definitely worth the time spent waiting in line with some not-so-patient people!
See more here {watch it inflate} and here {more of the inside}


  1. That looks very interesting, never seen something like this before!

  2. Looks like a cool experience. Great blog! :)

  3. wow. that looks really really cool.

    thanks for stopping by my blog come again sweets.xo


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