Sunday, February 21, 2010

Patricia Piccinini

Wow... I haven't posted since Monday! I'm sorry about that but my excuse is that the Adelaide Fringe {it's the second biggest in the world after the one in Edinburgh} is on so I've been busy out and about... going to the Garden... watching the parade...

Yesterday, I went to see the latest acquisition at the Adelaide Art Gallery. She's called Big Mother and word is that she cost over $200,000! Yesterday I went to hear the artist, Particia Piccinini talk about her sculpture and a collection of her other works.

"The extraordinary Big Mother, measures 1.75m and is made from silicone, fibreglass, leather and human hair. Piccinini was inspired to create the work after reading a story about a female baboon whose baby died while still nursing. The primate mother, overwhelmed by grief, abducted a human child as a substitute (the child was later recovered unharmed)."

Two of my other favourites...

Patricia stated that Foundling was inspired by a woman she met in America who had adopted two Chinese girls from an orphanage specifically for little girls with clef palettes {they are unable to work, to marry, to have a normal life in China so they are quite often just left to fend for themselves.} Foundling is not what you'd expect a baby to look like, she {yes I was surprised she was a she, she looks like a he to me} she is too big for her capsule but she is still adorable, the empathy in her eyes makes you want to pick her up.

The Long Awaited explores themes of love and trust. The little boy is completely at ease with the "Grandmother type" figure {once again, she is a she not a he.} The grandmother form is based loosely on that of a dugong, very trusting marine mammals who carry their newborns on their backs for up to 2 years until they can fend for themselves.

Patricia, an artist trained in painting and drawing, says that she uses age in her work to give the work integrity; her subjects are wise. Many of her ideas stem from when nature and technology collide {genetic modification, technology taking over and giving birth to itself, what is natural, what is perceived as natural}

{see more here and here}

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