Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why I love these kitchens...

*with relevance to our renovation*
Our kitchen will look a lot like this image on the internal side. We're having a galley style layout with one side formed by the bathroom walls. This "block element" will be all dark {Dulux Ticking or Namadji - I'm still undecided on this} including the wall panelling and the door on one side and the full height kitchen joinery on the return. The dark joinery will have two full height units at each end to form "bookends" to the bench with cupboards below and above. So... all of the doors will be 2-packed dark and then there will be a stainless steel worksurface folding up to form the splashback which will be inserted, like a slot, in the middle. And storage, storage, storage and black melamine internally and Hafele square flush pulls on the doors {because if I had handles like this kitchen my legs would be covered in bruises}
The other side, the one along the existing external wall, is going to be white on white! Freestyle resin worksurface and 2-pack white gloss cupboards beneath only {no overheads here because there's going to be a lovely big window.} There will be a matching white colourback glass splashback to 600mmabove the bench top and a freestyle block, which will align with the top of the splashback, at one end to act as a "view stopper" from the living / dining open area {i.e. to hide the view of the dishes from the dining table and couch zones} and will house books and the like on the dining room side. One big bunch of fresh flowers ever week and the telephone here please!

So the colour scheme may look a lot like this image too. I especially love the painted white bricks! The back wall of the kitchen {i.e. the wall at 90 degrees to the white and black joinery blocks} will expose some of the original 1912 brickwork. I'm going to leave them natural {terracotta} in the first instance but I'll have the white paint in the back of my mind if I feel they need a face lift once the joinery has been installed.We have original 1912 wide oak floorboards which we will restore in the kitchen {and throughout the house} so the floor and the dark joinery may look a little like this... Beneath the overheads on the "Dark Side" I am documenting overlapping T5 lighting tubes so that I get a continuous glow onto the stainless steel splashback... a little like the light from the black pelmet in this image... oh and I love the floating shelf and oven combo too and the black framing to the glazing!And this image I love because of the proportions of the joinery {I also like the veneer but with the timber flooring it would be all too much at our place.} The back wall, with the integral oven, is similar to the finish on the white block. Yes... and I adore the splashback tiles, the white tree trunk and the sofa - light combo poking around the corner. We'll be having a long, streamlined utensil rail on the colourback splasback on the "white side" too... I don't think I mentioned that before! We're having a square sink too but with a double drainer and a more industrial looking sink mixer.So that's where I'm at!
I'm about 70% through documenting the works at the moment. I'm hoping to get all of the drawings finished this weekend and then complete the schedules the following week with the aim of issuing for quotations for all of the scope in two weeks time... eek!
{In my "spare time," I've been reviewing all of the drawings for Dad's new showroom and sewing for an etsy update and visiting 2 family members in hospitals on either side of the city and melting - it was 43 degrees celcius in Adelaide today!!!}
Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!!

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  1. I loved reading all your ideas for your new kitchen - it's going to be a stunner! How lovely to find another Adelaide blogger, thanks for your sweet message.
    Millie ^_^


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